Forget Stealing Your Girl, 1D Are About To Steal Your Hearts

The latest effort from the 1d lads is reinventing the boyband wheel with “Four” going number one is 146 different countries, to celebrate the occasion here are four reasons to check out the album.


1. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne cement their songwriting partnership

After successfully collaborating on 20 13’s “Midnight Memories”, the duo finally feel in sync on ‘Four’ penning heartfelt tales about pining for love, finding love and losing love.

2. Reinventing the boyband wheel

For generations boybands have provided as with our guilty pleasure soundtrack from NSYNC ‘ “Bye Bye Bye” to fellow X Factor alumni JLS’s “Beat Again” but One Direction have turned the boyband format on its head. Brimming with dreamy 80s synth beats and a folky undertone reminiscent of Mudford and Sons, this doesn’t just mark a new era for One Direction but for boybands as a whole.


3. “Clouds” could steal Taylor Swift’s crown for best break-up song

Dripping with sassiness “Clouds” has the an anthemic sound that we have come to expect from the boys after their third outing but it’s the punchy lyrics that really makes this track a standout.

4. Ed Sheeran

After the phenomenal success of the poetically sweet “Little Things”, Ed Sheeran has hopped back on board the 1D songwriting train with “18” a gentle soul tugging ballad depicting the raw feelings of puppy love.

One Direction have finally found their identity with “Four”.