“Condoning Streaming is Like Condoning the Chinese that are Killing Elephants”

Yes ladies and gentlemen you did read that right.

Online streaming is nothing new to the music industry but the discussion was brought back into the news this week when Taylor Swift pulled her entire back catalogue as well as her new “1989” album from Spotify (and might I add that Swifty is still managing to rack up number ones worldwide).


Now Blink 182 ‘s Tom DeLonge has waded into the ‘streaming debate’ with maybe the most epic thing to ever be uttered by a human being.

Speaking to “Faster Louder” the Angels and Airwaves singer said:

“I tell people condoning streaming is like condoning the Chinese that are killing elephants for their tusks and carving ivory statues. It’s cool to put on your shelf but if you really think about what you’re doing it sucks. Streaming music is doing the same thing to artists – might not be killing ’em but it’s killing the industry. It might be cool for you as somebody that likes music but you’re not really thinking about the effect it has. We’ve got to value our art, you know?”

Streaming music is driving downloading into extinction but is the answer really artists shunning online streaming services or should the music industry simply adapt to the times.

I personally am part of the dying breed that still purchases their music in a physical format so maybe I’m a little bias but I truly believe that music enriches every individuals’ life, how could that not be worth paying for…..oh and maybe try not buying an elephant tusk as a Christmas present this year.

Yasmin Ali