Ashton Irwin just “hours away from death” in Appendicitis Drama

The 5SOS Fam were left devastated last month when drummer Ashton Irwin was revealed to have an appendicitis forcing them to cancel their highly anticipated return to the UK for the BBC Radio One’s Teen Choice Awards.


Irwin informed The Sun newspaper just how serious his condition was and that if he had indeed gotten on a plane to the UK, his insides could have burst like something from a saw movie.

“If I went on a plane it would’ve burst – and I was meant to get on a plane that day.”


But more bad news was later bestowed on the cutie when doctors told him he could not keep the removed organ after surgery:

“It was taken out but they wouldn’t let me keep it. You can’t do that anymore.”

*That would have been the best ever piece of 5SOS memorabilia, I could have cloned my very own Ashton*

While Ashton was spilling his guts, Mikey let us into the real big story of the day with the news on his quest to becoming a “lad” (and yes we are talking about the same Michael Gordon Clifford whose biggest love affair this year was with a stuffed lion named Daniel):


“We’re trying to make it a global thing, being lads”. You drink pints and eat fish and chips. If you see another lad, you nod. And we love the game of the gods, football!”

Please don’t let the signal the end of the unicorn era for 5SOS.

Yasmin Ali


Michael Clifford Celebrates His Birthday In Magical Style

Michael Clifford lived out every child’s fantasy by celebrating his birthday at Universal Studios in LA yesterday with the rest of the 5sos boys in tow.

Social media fanatic Ashton (seriously he has more selfies than Kim Kardashian) kept us up to date with their shenanigans and looked super cute as he explored what Universal Studios had to offer.


(Seriously if Ashton had worn some geek chic glasses a la minion, this would have been my favourite picture ever).

The lovable foursome then went onto throw a giant birthday bash crammed with celebs including Mikey’s childhood idols the Madden Brothers.


And what party wouldn’t have been complete without Blurred Lines esq balloons thankfully the rockers didn’t follow suit of Robin Thicke and kept them PG.


Finally we get a glimpse of the eye watering scrumptious birthday boy….oh and the cake looks tasty.


I just have one question – where is the pizza?????