The Diva’s Division Debacle

It seems like the moment AJ Lee’s Chuck Taylors left the building the #GiveDivasAChance movement grinded to halt. However the latest Diva’s division crop is brimming with talent both on the main roster and down in NXT so shouldn’t they be given a chance to shine just like their male counterparts.

Here we look at how to restore the Diva’s division back to its former glory;

The Diva’s Championship
Let’s start with what these women put their bodies on the line for and here’s a hint its not a spot on an E! reality show. The Diva’s Championship needs to revert back to the Women’s Championship, how are people meant to respect a butterfly belt that’s pink. No doubt done as a marketing ploy for young girls but its tackiness takes away from the prestige of the title.

The Face of the Divas Division

Rumours have been flying about that Vince McMahon wants Lana to be the face of the Diva’s division, now Lana may be killer on the mic but she certainly isn’t killer in the ring, actually she hasn’t even wrestled a match yet so how is she expected to be at the forefront of the women’s wrestling division.
The obvious choice to be the number one diva is someone who has wrestling in their blood, someone that has basically been in a wrestling ring since the womb, that someone is Paige, she is the most over diva right now and boasts a mean repotire of moves (I mean this is the girl with three finishers).

On Air Time

29 seconds!!!! 29 seconds is all it took to send the wrestling universe into a frenzy when The Bella twins took on Paige and Emma and it lasted for yup you guessed it a grand total of 29 seconds.

29 seconds is probably the amount of time is takes Shawn Michaels to tune up for some sweet chin music, their is no way you can showcase your talent in 29 seconds.

Raw is a weekly three hour show, 20 minutes should be devoted to the divas, now Smackdown would be a good place to test the waters on how the fans would react to more screen time for the Divas.


The Bellas have recently had a face turn, why? Well that’s probably a question WWE creative can’t even answer….and right here is the main problem, the Divas aren’t given the any sort of character development leading fans to have no real attachment to them.

AJ Lee’s infamous pipebomb promo showcased that when Divas are organic to their true selves they can be lethal on the mic so let’s have more mic time for the Divas, I’m pretty sure John Cena could skip the whole US Championship open challenge for one week to free up some time on Raw.

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon was hurled abuse by wrestling fans much more than her husband Triple H or father Vince McMahon during the #GiveDivasAChance possibly because of her gender and the fact she is a mother of three young girls. However as Chief Brand Officer her role is more about the marketing of WWE than the content.
However Stephanie is still a vital cog in the Diva division machine not as a business visionary but as a performer.

In Amy Dumas biography “Lita: A Less Travelled R.O.A.D.–The Reality of Amy Dumas” Amy talks about how dedicated Steph was to honing her craft before her first wrestling match against Lita, Stephanie helped put the women’s division back on the map in 2001 and I’m damn sure that Stephanie can do it again, her match against Brie Bella showed that not only might she be the best heel in Divas division but she has still got it in the ring.

The most obvious choice for her opponent would be NXT high flyer Charlottle, both are the daughters of wrestling royalty which could fuel a raw feud with lots of layers.


The women is NXT are kicking ass in Florida right now but Charlotte and Sasha are more than ready to inject some new blood into the main roster and with the likes of Zahra Schreiber and Jasmin Areebi still to debut, NXT’s Divas division would continue to prosper without feeling the loss of its top two wrestlers.

The Four Women Division

Nikki, Brie, Paige and Naomi….according to WWE this is the Divas division, they choose to neglect budding stars like Summer Rae who is the whole package thanks to her time in NXT, veteran Natalya who may be one of the best technical wrestlers to have ever graced the Divas division and Tamina Snuka who seems to have been subjected to the valet role once again.
Fleshing out other Divas, with feuds or even a title reign on some new blood would mean their were more key players on the board.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie was the embodiment of everything that was wrong with the modern day Diva’s division, a breathtaking beauty that debuted on Raw without having any of the adequate training, why you ask because she was one of the faces of the reality show Total Divas.
Thankfully Eva who has always displayed her hunger to succeed in the WWE has stepped out of the limelight to train, train and train and with her passion who knows maybe the divas division will be set alight in a firey blaze.

However the most important aspect to rebranding the Diva’s rebranding is you!! Keep tweeting the Give Divas A Chance hashtag. Use your voice for these fearless women to get the recognition they deserve.