5SOS Chat About That Pesky B Word

Yup we are talking about that boy band tag again.


Luke told Sydney Morning Herald that he still feels uncomfortable being referred to as a boyband because he thinks it tarnishes the 5SOS name:

“It makes us seem a bit fake. Starting in a garage and writing our own songs and playing them in pubs to 10 people; I don’t think [being called a boy band] does us justice as a band.”
The word boy band conjures up the image of a manufactured group who don’t necessarily have that much creative control over their music, there is nothing wrong with boybands (trust me I have listened to more Busted songs than I would ever care to admit to!!!) but it’s not the right fit for 5SOS.

It’s not fair to lumber 5SOS with boy bands just because they have happened to support One Direction on tour and well they are boys in a band.


The Kerrang Award winners make music with more of a rock edge remiscent of All Time Low, You Me At Six and Sum 41…not one of them has ever been called a boy band.

Mikey added that he was also keen to be defined as a rock band:

“There’s nothing we would love more; for rock music to be on the radio, in the top 40 and stuff. We started the band because of bands like Blink-182, Green Day, All Time Low, stuff like that. We’re on the same side as all other people in rock music.”

So ladies and gentlemen the morale of that story was DON’T call 5 Seconds of Summer a boy band!!!

Yasmin Ali


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