Mad Love For The Veronicas

After a seven years hiatus pop goddesses The Veronicas are back with a bite, releasing their third self titled album earlier this week.


The first single to be lifted of the album “You Ruin Me” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad which shot straight to number one in their native of Australia but don’t worry The Veronicas haven’t turned their back on the angsty pop that made us fall in love with them in the first place.


Dripping with attitude “I’m A Veronica” sounds like it could have fit perfectly on their “Hook Me Up” album. This track will definitely have you on the dance floor with its mashup of electra-synth, pop and….uhhh dub step.

Grunge-tastic “Sanctified” is a no brainer for their next single jam packed with rocky guitar hooks, it’s remiscent of 2014 pop darling Charli XCX.


The twins shift gears for the dreamy “You and Me” a sweet melody with a folky twang depicting their childhood in Brisbane.

But the stand out track is definitely breakup anthem “Cruel” a groovy little number that has a rock undertone. (Abigail Breslin take note, this is how diss tracks are written).

Welcome back The Veronicas we have missed you.

Yasmin Ali


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