Fangirl Friday – “At Sunset”

This is 5secondsofblogging brand new shiny feature in which I ramble,  rant and generally rave about a band or artist who I am crushing on, this week the honour goes to Adelaide’s ‘At Sunset’.


Yup Australia have cranked out yet another pop punk band (I’m not sure if my mental faculties are equipped to handle this information) who have notched up a pretty nifty 5 million views on YouTube.

The trio are made up of Tom Jay Williams and brothers Harrison and Andrew Kantarias *wow that’s some impressive DNA* who put their own spin on popular chart hits as well as penning their own songs.


But don’t be fooled these boys may be covering the likes of 1D and The Wanted but they are definitely not following the boyband suit, tracks such as “Rush” sounds like a fusion of Blink 182 and NSYNC but somehow it works. Actually it more than works, it rocks.

So if you like infectiously catchy pop beats with a rock flare and some of the most epic fringe flicks I have ever witnessed (and that’s quite the achievement) check them out on their YouTube channel At Sunset – Official.

Yasmin Ali


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