5SOS Shenanigans At “Q and Hey”


The 5SOS boys minus the spaghetti haired one (get well soon Ashton!) had a night of debauchery at their “Q and Hey” live stream for Channel V. Here at 5secondsofblogging we present the best bits of the night.

Michael Clifford,  the new princess of pop


The magical creature that is Michael Clifford treated us to a visual delight as he lip synced Britney Spears (how punk rock of you Mikey!!) and did some questionable albeit feisty dance moves. (PS your cuteness almost distracted us from your epic fall, almost).

The rare sight of a flat haired Luke


Luke drew the short straw to get dunked, looking adorable in the process might we add, presumably because if it had been Michael, the set would probably have looked like an outtake from Carrie.

Ashton still managed to be a sass monster from bed


While snuggling up in bed ill with a tub of hagaan dazs devouring Nicholas Sparks movies (oh…apparently that’s just me) Ashton tweeted his reaction to the whole livestream…and let’s be honest we were all thinking the exact same thing.

Calum’s perfectly crafted answer to the selfie question


Frustratingly the “Q and Hey” livestream has not been uploaded to YouTube yet but you can still relieve the best bits on vine OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

Yasmin Ali


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