5 Seconds of Summer “Hey, Let’s Make A Band” Best Bits


Earlier this year 5 Seconds of Summer released “Hey, Let’s Make A Band!” The Official 5SOS Book, charting the boys rise to world domination. Here at 5secondsofblogging we literally can’t put the book down so we thought we would bring you the magnitude of reasons why it should make your Christmas stocking wishlist.

1. The front cover reads “EASY READING LEVEL ONE”.


We are talking about four boys who have strapped microphones to their heads in interviews to impersonate unicorns, I wasn’t really expecting the next Shakespeare.

2. Perfect for all 5SOS Fanatics


Regardless of whether you have just discovered the adorable Aussies or are a devoted member of the 5SOS Fam, there is something for everyone.

3. The photos…Oh God The Photos


Jammed pack with pictures from foetus 5SOS to HOLY CRAP they sure did win the puberty lottery 5SOS, there will definitely be something to melt your heart. My personal favourite is the rare picture of a flat haired Mikey doing what he loves the most – EATING.

4. It Was Actually Penned by the 5SOS Boys


Okay so I’m guessing they probably didn’t sit there with a typewriter and a pipe (however on the off chance that they did, I am willing to pay big bucks for those pictures) but the words themselves are a hundred percent unfiltered 5SOS.

Available to buy on 5SOS’ official website.

Yasmin Ali


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