Why Hayley Williams is my Role Model

Inspiring a generation of girls to don orange hair, Hayley Williams seems like just about everyone’s role model but on a more personal note she is mine. Here are three reasons why featuring quotes from the lady herself:


Hayley doesn’t use her style to impress other women or grab the attention of the male species (which it does anyway) but as an extension of her personality. In an image driven society it’s refreshing to see someone who dresses to please themselves.


An avid supporter of the self injury charity ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’, mental health awareness is clearly something that the 25 year old holds close to her heart and anyone who makes the brave decision to talk about their struggles with mental illness is a hero to me.


The pint sized singer has never let anyone sway her from her vision. In 2010 the Farro brothers left Paramore amidst rumours they disagreed with the new poppy direction Paramore was heading in but Hayls didn’t let this destroy the band which she has poured her heart into since her teen years, and in 2013 Paramore returned with their fourth album aptly called “Paramore” which became their biggest and best selling album to date.

It’s no wonder Hayley Williams is this year’s first ever Trailblazer Award winner at the Billboard Women In Music Awards.

Yasmin Ali


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