In Defence of the Fangirl

Urban dictionary defines a fangirl as “a female who has overstepped the line between healthy fandom and indecent obsession”.


Before I go any further in this article I have a confession to make “I’m Yasmin Ali and I am a 5SOS fangirl” and before you ask no I do not cry over pictures of the boys (even the really adorable ones), I do not stalk them to a Veronica Mars level degree and I most definitely do not sleep with a lock of Mikey’s hair under my pillow at night (although having a piece of Mikey’s hair does sound pretty sweet as I could finally unlock the secret to how he manages to still have a full head of hair despite repeatedly dying it.


Instead being part of the 5SOS fam has made me feel like part of a community,  it introduced me to people from all walks of life, some of whom have grown into friends,  individuals I never would have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for 5SOS.

But for me the best part is that 5SOS recognise and appreciate their fans with a series of tweets,  adorable keeks (yes Ashton I’m talking about you!!) and the most random youtube videos I have ever seen.

Fangirling isn’t a sign of craziness or obsession, it’s a sign of passion. The internet is brimming with fangirls who are blogging,  vlogging, instagraming and tweeting about what they love.


These girls are grabbing the internet by the horns with awesome fan fiction,  editing giffs and generally being awesome.  Fangirling is literally breeding a generation of creative innovators.

So I for one will be wearing my fangirl badge with pride and I urge you to follow suit.

Yasmin Ali


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