Why We Are All A Sucker For Charli XCX

*Girl crush alert – contains Charli XCX prepare for major feels.

Charli XCX is preparing for world domination with her sophomore album “Sucker” dropping early next year,  a confirmed appearance on SNL and gracing the cover of iconic magazines ranging from Seventeen to Nylon.The 22 year old is definitely girl crush of the year. Here is why:



In the era where pop stars are about as manufactured as barbie dolls it’s refreshing to see an artist in charge of not just her own music but her brand as a whole.

“I’ve always been in control of everything that I’ve done but now so much more than ever. I feel 100 per cent confident in my own vision. I have discussions and ask for opinions but at the end of the day it’s me making the calls and calling the shots. This wasn’t something curated by my record label.”



Not only is Charli XCX producing charismatic pop hits with an alternative twist in her solo material,  she is also the creative genius behind Iggy Azelia’s “Fancy” and Iconic Pop’s chart smash “I Love It”.

“Fancy’ is about confidence. Me and Iggy wanted it to be a girl power anthem. I feel like being fancy is just being confident, you know?”



Charli XCX didn’t just dominate the pop world over the summer single “Boom,clap” became the sound of the bittersweet love story between two cancer patients (not to mention the best YA novel) The Fault In Our Stars.

“I was approached by the people who were doing the soundtrack and the producers of the movie and they said they really liked the song. I read the book and I watched the film and I was really into it. I thought it was cool and I could see that it was such an important movie to so many kids. So I agreed to have the song in the movie. It was really cool, actually.”



Charli XCX isn’t afraid to show the world who she is and she wants to inspire her fans to be who they want not who society is pressuring them to be.

“When you’re growing up I think there’s this idea that the coolest people are the ones who are really rude and feverish. But I’ve come to realize that isn’t cool. I think the best people are the ones who are just as nice and fun. This is really cheesy, but you only have one life — why spend most of it pretending to be cool?”


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