Why Michael Clifford Is My Favourite Punk Rock Kitten

5sos’ Michael Clifford turns the ripe old age of 19 today and at 5secondsofblogging we are using it as an excuse to bask in the awesomeness of our favourite punk rock kitten. So here are 5 tweets that show why Michael rock my socks off.


Mikey and the boys have always payed homage to their dedicated fans and to make them feel like an integral piece in their rise to chart topping rockers.


Fangirling may have been coined for the chicks but Michael’s frantic PS4 search is definitely the definition of “fanguying”.


The generation of manufactured bands is in full swing with musicians like 1d and Little Mix storming the charts but these boys have a real bromance brewing and their adoration for each other just makes me love them that little bit more.


WARNING – no matter who you are you will weep at The Fault in our Stars.

Michael is not afraid to be emotional in any context whether that’s in films, gaming or food (especially food) it’s refreshing to see a man not hide behind a macho exterior.


And reason number five for conjuring up the image of a nude Michael Clifford in my mind.

Happy 19th Birthday Michael Gordon Clifford!


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